Self Awareness, its role in development

We are all on a continuum of personal growth and development.  We are consistently learning new things; we are now living in a fast paced and every changing world.  The requirement to learn new skills has become even more in the last two years.  Our world around us is consistently changing and evolving.  But are you?  Are you really?

Are you able to hold up the mirror and see yourself for who you truly are? 

This is where the concept of self-awareness comes in.  Self-Awareness is the foundation for personal growth and development.  Self-awareness is the ability to see yourself as you truly are, to see yourself objectively.  It is the ability to hold up the mirror, to be the object of your study. 

There is a lot of research and studies done and various works on the Self-Awareness Theory can be found and has been around for a been around for a long time.  But why is this important?  Why should any of us care? 

Becoming more self-aware gives you an opportunity to enhance your own skills set, become more creative, improve quality of your relationships, improve performance at work or ito of your career, it can improve practice of self-control, leads to improved decision making etc etc.  From a personal growth perspective, true self-awareness, is uncomfortable and in this “uncomfortableness” the learning and growth happens.