Strategic Training & Development
  • Improving organisational performance by aligning the Training initiatives. 

  • Enhance your initiatives with use of technology.

BBBEE Skills Development

Custom design Skills development initiatives to ensure transformation & true sustainable change.

Enhancing your training with technology
  • Understanding your strategic business goals.

  • Review current Training & Development infrastructure and advise on options for digitisation.

  • Look at exciting options

  • VR/Gamification etc enhance your world.

Improving organisational effectiveness
  • Culture Interventions

  • Customer Survey’s

Custom Designed team/group sessions
  • Design and execute:

  • Leadership conference

  • Team Development Session

  • Strategic management session

HR & Learning Consulting

We offer services covering the following areas:  Strategic Human Resources Strategy and Management, Organisational Change, HR Function, Talent Management, HR Analytics, Learning & Development and HR Technology.


Strategic Human Resource Strategy and Management include a variety of areas within the Human Resources domain, such as People Strategy that supports business growth or development, defining corporate culture, recruitment and selection and how to manage talent.

The HR function area focuses on all activities related to the Human Resources function.  Services include setting up or improving the effectiveness of the Human Resources department or functional areas within the function.

Talent management focuses on all activities required to recruit, retain and develop talent.  This includes defining employee value proposition (EVP), defining strategy for recruitment outsourcing, strategic workforce planning, recruitment and occupational assessment, as well as defining and setting up a formal Succession Management Process.  


Learning & development services include all activities aimed at improving the performance of employees. Services include behavioural competency development, team development and team building sessions, and identifying and enhancing current learning needs and development practices.  Alignment to the occupational health and safety regulations or other labour-related legislation.  In the South African context services are provided to design skills development initiatives to deliver transformation and sustainable change not only for the respective business but also for the country and the community in the business does business.


Area of technology focuses on various systems and tools used in the human resources space, including recruitment, development and safe work practices of employees.

We also offer the HR on Order service which is aimed specifically at the small to medium businesses.  This service enables the SMME to obtain specialised human resources and services without the overhead cost of a full-time salary.

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